Twisted Gorilla


This pages marks the beginning of my adventure into new projects and designs. As such, it will continue to grow and adapt as needed.

Currently I have 2 (soon to be 3) different phases of costume/cosplay projects. The Concept Phase is basically my research phase where I acquire ideas or window shop at different sites. At this point I'm building the outfit in my head.

Phase 2 is what is known as the Design Phase. At this point I have made a decision to move forward in the costume. The Design Phase is the materials gathering phase.

Phase 3 will be the Completed Phase and I'll post details on how things were made / pictures of the completed designs at that time.

I'm definitely looking forward to sharing new ideas and keeping track of all my progress. Hopefully the journey is just as fun as the destination!

Concept Phase

Booker deWitt (Bioshock Infinite)
Ezio (Assassin's Creed II)
Steampunk Belle
Steampunk Clue (Mr. Green)
Steampunk Jasmine
Vault Dweller (Fallout 3)
Zombie Pin-up Girls

Design Phase

Steampunk Aladdin